What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and is aimed at achieving the highest position possible in the ‘organic’ listings on the search engine results pages, not in the ‘paid’ listings.

When looking for an SEO consultant or agency in Wollongong, ensure it’s someone local who understands your Wollongong business, non profit organisation or charity.

Based in the centre of town on Kembla Street, Doreen Brown Consulting is a local Wollongong business too! With onsite appointments available, so you can meet the person (in person!) who is looking after your most important online asset – your website.

Whilst not being the biggest SEO agency in Wollongong, you can rest assured that you will receive personalised service and a return on your digital marketing investment.


Search is certainly one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your Wollongong business, but there’s more to it than just marketing.

Local Wollongong companies can derive many benefits from SEO services, some more obvious than others.



While you don’t need to outsource your SEO requirements, many businesses in Wollongong choose to do so due to costs.

Get a better return on your digital marketing efforts with an experienced SEO consultant in Wollongong.



Experienced search and digital marketing consultants in Wollongong are hard to find.

Many clients often select a Wollongong SEO agency or consultant, to concentrate on organic search.


Why is SEO important for your Wollongong Business or Cause?

Search Engine Optimisation helps Wollongong business owners meet their various online marketing objectives such as generating leads, sales or simply building awareness.

Most savvy search marketers invest their budgets into a combination of paid and organic search. There is a balance to be found and both have benefits for your local Wollongong business, non profit organisation or charity.

Wollongong SEO services are available to help you reach your online objective.

Wollongong SEO Package Options

Wollongong SEO campaigns can be specifically designed for your local business. Get in touch with Doreen today to book in a no obligation discovery session to discuss your SEO needs for your business, not for profit organisation or charity.

Onsite in-person meetings at 2/104 Kembla Street Wollongong are also available by appointment.

Speak to a real Wollongong local today!