3 Things Your Small Business Needs To Do

It’s December – the end of yet another year. You reflect on your business and plans for 2019. You have invested your time and money in creating your website, social media profiles and email marketing campaigns to help promote your brand, product and service. How did...

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Why Digital Marketing Isn’t Set & Forget

  So, you understand the value of digital marketing and made all the necessary changes and additions when launching your website or original campaign. Did you think ‘that’s it, great I’m all done?” When creating an online presence, one very common error business...

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How To Identify Your Online Audience Effectively

When you know who your audience is, you are able to better direct your marketing budgets and messaging to a specific group, increasing your opportunity to convert those potential customers. Whilst some may feel that this excludes you from other potential audiences,...

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Breaking Down Local Search for Small Business

  There is so much to consider when running a small business – from staffing, to product and service offerings as well as your business location. With this in mind, you also need to be aware of your competitors and having an edge or point of difference that sets you...

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Why Your Business Needs Product & User Reviews

It’s simple, product and user reviews increase conversions. They can remove doubt potential buyers may have about a product or service, and can also assist with product selection. Reviews are quickly becoming a big part of the buying process. More people use them...

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Simple Tips When Creating Website Content

  Do you find it difficult to determine the length of content and the type of content you should be writing for your website? A common question I am asked is "how much content do I need to write for my website pages?" There is no magic number! In this post, I will...

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Why You Need To Pay Attention To User Experience

How people respond to what they experience online is important for you and your business. User experience is an integral part of the design process from the initial concept to the final version. Here are 3 tips you need to pay attention to, to ensure your customers...

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